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Since its inception in 1998, EZ Grout Corporation has rapidly become a leading supplier to the masonry and concrete construction market. EZ Grout products, well-known for groundbreaking, labor-friendly designs and high quality standards, are now in use nationwide and abroad. TNT stocks the Mud Hog, Grout Hog, Block Hog and will soon stock EZ Grout’s new mixer, the Mini-Mud Hog.

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Grout Hog
Finally, a grout delivery system that's simple, dependable and timesaving!

  • Clean-up time: 15 minutes
  • Set-up time: 3 minutes
  • Potential to plug: Almost none
  • Required manpower: 2
  • Use with site mix: Yes
  • Can use 1" aggregate: Yes
  • Sand fill of walls: Yes
  • Will deliver 5 bag cement mixes: Yes
  • Practical for small pours under 5 yds.: Yes
  • Total investment: 1/3 the price
  • Control at point of discharge: Yes
  • Weight of hose supported by: Forklift
  • Maintenance: Minimal

Block Hog
Small forklift to the masonry industry

  • 9 ft 6 inch I-beam mast
  • 11 hp Honda® motor with electric start
  • Hydrostatic drive and braking
  • Forward and reverse throttle lever
  • Full function travel speed and direction
  • Lift, lower, and tilt levers
  • Key switch
  • Safety horn
  • 12 volt DC negative ground electrical system
  • Construction built to ANSI B56.1 specifications
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Fully invertible forks
  • Fits through any standard 36-inch doorway
  • Optional dual wheels
  • Weight: 2,310 lbs.
  • Capacity: 1,500 lbs.

Mud Hog
Hydraulic or gas powered mixing station

  • Capacity: 20 cubic feet (MH-20) / 14 cubic feet (MH-14)
  • Weight: 2,160 lbs (MH-20) / 1,975 lbs (MH-14)
  • 13hp Honda® motor with electric start
  • Hydraulic Drive and Hydraulic Dump
  • Load Height: Minimum 36 inches
  • Dump Height: Max 56 inches
  • Forklift pockets accessible from any side
  • Dump and mix controls accessible from front or back
  • Built in Tool Box
  • Adjustable legs and outriggers for stability
  • Bearings are kept away from mortar or grout
  • Easy to access Seals
  • Fits in any standard 8 ft truck bed
  • Height adjustable – dumps into Grout Hog
  • Becomes a portable batch plant for mixing on site
  • Set up in minutes
  • Clean up in minutes
  • Labor stands upright to clean
  • Ideal for use with silo mix or bag mixes

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