TNT Equipment Scaffold Rental, Sales and Service

Scaffold is defined as an elevated, temporary work platform. There are three basic types of scaffold:
  • Supported scaffolds, which consist of one or more platforms supported by rigid, load- bearing members, such as poles, legs, frames, outriggers, etc.

  • Suspended scaffold, which are one or more platforms suspended by ropes or other non-rigid, overhead support.

  • Other scaffold, principally mast climbers, manlifts, personnel hoists, etc., which are sometimes thought of as vehicles or machinery, but can be regarded as another type of supported scaffold.

TNT stocks a wide range of traditional tube scaffolding used in the construction industry for rent or purchase. Our frame sizes range in height from 1 ft - 6 ft 6 and you can select from open frames, step frames, ladder or narrow frames. We stock cross braces with a width of 5ft, 7ft, & 10ft. Base plates and screw jacks are available for a stable base or casters if your job requires your scaffold to be mobile. We have access ladders and guardrail for safety and 8 ft or 16 ft plank, along with aluminum-plywood or all aluminum walk boards in varying sizes to provide for a safe and solid work and walk area.

Scaffold Installation & Dismantle

TNT Equipment's Installation & Dismantle technicians meet the construction industry's high demand for safety and quality with a highly experienced staff. Our Installation & Dismantle department provides services for our customers that keeps their equipment operational and maintained to keep their job running efficiently. TNT is committed to provide our customers with the best equipment and service on the market. Here is a list of services our Installation & Dismantle department provides:

  • Personnel & material construction elevators

  • Conventional & system scaffold

  • Stair & Access Towers

  • Trash chutes 

  • Mast climbing installation and dismantle

TNT Equipment's Installation & Dismantle crews are experienced in a wide variety of work environments. Utilizing our crews to install your scaffold or equipment needs has numerous benefits:

  • All scaffold installed by TNT Equipment meets or exceeds all OSHA requirements.

  • Our scaffold specialists can reduce your labor time to fit tight budgets and schedules.

  • TNT's Installation & Dismantle crews can guarantee the quality and safety of your scaffold and equipment.

  • Reduce your liability with professionally installed and dismantled scaffold.

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